What is Machine Learning ?

Machine learning is the science of creating algorithms and program which learn on their own. It is a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.In simple words, It is the same process by which a child learn’s to speak just in this case the Machine is the child and we can make the machine learn anything based on the previous experience or past data.

We all use products or services based on machine learning or in short ML in our day to day life such Google search engine, ad placement, stock trading, computer vision, drug design, Face Detection – Facebook photo tagging, Span email detection, Recommendation system by E-commerce giants such as Amazon and Ebay. Every tech company is making use of these ML Algorithm to provide a perfect user friendly experience and simultaneously multiply profits by increasing business.

Process involved in Machine Learning

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Data Collection : Data is to be collected first ,it can be any in any form such as comma separated values(.csv), excel sheets, spread sheets, etc. (Note:It is not necessary in ML that the larger the data faster the learning.)

Data Cleaning : Data is not always in its best form, It needs to be cleaned, manipulated and wrangled so that model can be applied easily.The True and False or the yeses and the noes are to be converted in binary form ie 0’s and 1’s.Exploratory analysis is one of the method of data clearing.

Training a model : Suitable ML algorithm is applied to the data set and generally the data set is divided in two parts: Test and training sets. Algorithm is applied to the training data and checked on test data.This technique helps us to make proper and effective predictions.

Testing a model : To evaluate if the model is precise and highly accurate we test the model on test data to check the precision and performance.

Enhance performance : Error reduction and increasing accuracy by applying different model and on different variables of data .

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