Fireblaze technologies combines in-depth knowledge of telecommunications, rigorous analysis of technical, commercial and regulatory issues, and coherent presentation of results and recommendations, to answer your critical business questions

We helps Telecom Clients get intelligence in areas that include its Operations, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Product Divisions.

In recent times the telecommunications business model seems to be evolving as Telcom find better channels in which to grow more profitable businesses. While Mobile Data is an essential part of the business for Telcom, new product innovation is also trending in the mobile app space and digital analytics is central to the adoption of new content streams.

  • Telecom Operators are also unique in their customer outreach and the data that they may gather through certain operational systems about the customer. While customer confidentiality is key, aggregate data provides telecom partners with more intelligence about consumer interests in order for targeted marketing efforts. Curated data itself is monetizable to telecom operators.
  • With the changing nature of priorities for telcom and the increasing customer information that is gathered, we provides solutions to maximize data use. We understand the sheer volume of telecom data, have handled terabytes of information within our platforms and are also able to make use of parallel processing technologies in order to optimize analytic outputs.

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